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Merchant Service Sales 


This course was designed for entrepreneurs who want to take their wealth to the next level. 

Here you will learn about  cryptocurrencies, how to buy and store your digital assets for the most benefits. 

learn about the who, what, when, where, and why's of


Gain knowledge of certain techniques to use to avoid paying a large amount of taxes.

Smart Digital Payments.

Learn Trading

Understand patterns in the charts in order to better capitalize on the volatility of the markets and open up a possible revenue stream that you otherwise would not have been able to successfully capitalize on without the specialized skills that we teach here at Smart Digital Payments.

Gain access to our high ticket commission products and services.

As a member of Smart Digital Payments you will gain access to PROFESSIONAL QUALITY training that will prepare you to become a successful sales rep for our innovative (HIGH TICKET COMMISSION) Cryptocurrency merchant services. This way you can get a jump start on building your long term investment portfolio.


Don't worry you won't be alone

At Smart Digital Payments you will be a part of a motivated group of entrepreneurs who work together to build each other up. 

We are here for much more than a paycheck. 

We are here to build a better world with emotionally and financially SMART people who also share the same interests. 

That is why we go above and beyond to provide life coaching sessions for our valued members. A perk that cost on average $100 -$300 per hour by itself

We want to ensure that you have the most support possible on your journey to financial freedom. The main reason entrepreneurs tend to fail is that they either don't know what steps to take, or they don't have anyone there to tell them if what they are doing is going to take them closer to, or further from their goals. Our mentor-ship program was designed to tackle those obstacles with you.

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We are dedicated to our members and will do everything we can to make sure that you get more value from our course than you pay for. You are exactly were you are supposed to be. With Smart Digital Payments you will never have to search for opportunity. Our founders are here to provide the opportunity, education and support. It's your job to do the work. Click the link below to become a member.